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We build brands

- with purpose.


We build brands - with purpose.

About Us

Abad®Studio seamlessly integrates strategy, creativity, and production to craft brands that inspire, entertain, and add value. A creative studio born in Buenos Aires in 2018, founded by Natalin Abad, a consultant, and creative director specializing in fashion and luxury brands.


With experience spanning over 60 brands in Latin America and Europe, Abad Studio supports brands in their growth journey. Our services range from image and communication consulting, identity design, personal branding, art direction, curation, content generation, to web design. Abad Studio is committed to delivering innovative and personalized solutions, tailoring our approach to the unique needs and aspirations of each client, regardless of size or sector.


Our clientele boasts notable diversity, ranging from well-established brands to entrepreneurs in various stages of growth. While our core expertise lies in the fashion realm, we've expanded our reach to collaborate with diverse sectors such as interior design, architecture, law firms, applications, visual artists, among others. Based in Lisbon, Buenos Aires, and Barcelona, our team operates remotely, fostering seamless and creative collaboration without geographical constraints.

Our Studio
Our Team

Abad Studio has a small structure to ensure close proximity to our clients and a comprehensive understanding of each project. We exercise rigorous control over every phase of the process, thus maximizing our commitment to excellence.

Our team evolves continuously, adapting to the specificities of each project by incorporating specialized professionals who enhance our work: strategists, photographers, printers, copywriters, among others. This diversity of talent, combined with the experience cultivated over the years, gives us the confidence to successfully tackle new challenges in the field of communication.

Natalin is a visual artist, creative director, and specialist in strategy, communication, and branding for fashion, lifestyle, and luxury brands, as well as in personal branding.
For 11 years, she worked as a suggestive communication and innovation professional for Grupo Alas, contributing to brands such as Rapsodia, Rapsodia Home, Girls & Intimates, Caro Cuore, and Baby Cotton. Six years ago, she decided to embark on her journey as an independent fashion brand consultant, founding Abad Studio, bringing along her accumulated experience and knowledge from the industry.
Currently residing in Lisbon, after stints in Madrid and Berlin, she has been part of diverse working teams. Her mission is to create brands with value, imbuing them with an authentic and enduring image. Natalin aims to leave a genuine mark on the industry, building brands that convey an authentic and enduring message, simply driven by her passion and collaborative teamwork with the brands.


Sofía is deeply passionate about the fashion universe, showing an exceptional commitment to this ever-evolving industry. Alongside specializing in Fashion Communication, she has built a solid career as a model, collaborating with renowned brands such as Mango and Le Coq Sportif, among others, and has worked in significant cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Australia. These experiences have provided her with a unique perspective on trends and aesthetics within the fashion realm.Her studies in Fashion Design and Management of Aesthetics at UADE have equipped her with a strong foundation, further enriched by her exchange program in New York, where she honed her English language skills. Sofía continually seeks opportunities to merge her extensive communication experience with her sharp aesthetic vision, thereby contributing to dynamic and innovative projects that leave a lasting impact.


Ana is a Fashion Designer graduated from UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Her solid academic background, combined with a passion for the world of communication, social media, and photography, has led her to specialize in Fashion Digital Marketing and Art Direction. Her love for fashion and design has led her to explore new horizons, including teaching Fashion Communication and Clothing Thesis subjects at the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism of Buenos Aires.

With a career spanning renowned Argentine brands such as Antolin, Rapsodia, and Ginebra, Ana is leaving her mark on the industry, contributing her creativity and unique vision to every project she has been a part of.


Victoria is a curious communicator deeply passionate about the cultural ecosystem that surrounds her. With a degree in Social Communication, she has expanded her perspective towards fashion, photography, and design. With a distinguished career as a Social Media Manager, she has showcased her ability to develop effective communication strategies and successfully manage brands' digital presence. Her proactive approach has led her to currently hold the role of Project Manager, leading teams and ensuring excellence in project execution from conception to launch.


Valentina is a licensed visual designer in design and advertising, with a solid academic background spanning from the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad to Fotodesign Barcelona. Her passion for art and the fashion industry has led her to explore various fields where she translates ideas into distinctive conceptual and visual languages. With a career that includes roles in agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather in Peru and Nowalls in Lanfranco & Cordova, she has demonstrated her ability to create impact through design. Valentina has a meticulous approach to every project, where the conceptual process is fundamental. She explores diverse perspectives to generate new contexts where design transcends its superficial function and acquires deeper meanings. In her work, a curated aesthetic prevails where essence and simplicity are the fundamental pillars.


Rocio is a visual and 3D designer, aiming to focus her approach on merging visual creativity with technical innovation to create immersive and memorable experiences. She graduated in Design from the University Of St Andrews, where she gained a solid foundation in design spanning disciplines such as technology, humanities, and business. She learned to tackle challenges by developing her creative ability. Her passion for art and fashion has been nurtured both by her academic background and her previous experience at the brand Kosiuko. Her goal is to transcend beyond the superficial and create meaningful designs, approaching each project from a holistic perspective where conceptualization and execution intertwine.


Camila Campagnoli is a translator with a passion for languages, communication and creative writing. As a Sworn, Literary and Scientific-Technical translator, with a degree from the University of Belgrano, she has an exceptional ability to express herself in both English and Spanish. Camila enhanced her education with an exchange program in New York, where she polished her English language skills.With her focus on professional growth, Camila is always exploring opportunities to integrate her linguistic expertise and creativity, contributing to dynamic and creative projects that make a lasting impact.

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